Episode 001: Conservation Detection Dogs with Rogue Detection Teams

I think we have all met that ball, bone, frisbee, or "fetch" obsessed canine.
They are so focused on that ONE THING! And their energy is often endless!! They might be wild, even!

Unfortunately, it's these traits that also sometimes lands them in a shelter. When their previous families can no longer care for them, they become destructive, or their traits are deemed undesirable.

Well, these obsessive traits are EXACTLY what Rogue Detection Teams is looking for in a conservation detection dog. Where they redirect their energy and turn their fixated obsessions into a career spent outdoors... doing what they love most. "Playing!"

Rogue Detection teams is a group that rescues dogs from shelters and retrains them to become conservation detection dogs.

Conservation detection dogs typically utilize scat or feces of wildlife to aid in research and data collection. And in this episode we talk to Mairi, who is a "bounder" for Rogue Detection Teams. Tune in and Mairi will tell you what being a bounder is all about!

In this episode you will learn the ins and outs of conservation detection dogs... and the important role they play as they aid in the non invasive research of wildlife. We also touch on what makes Rogue Detection Teams so unique, a typical day in the life of a bounder, and even some backcountry gear recommendations from Mairi... they put gear to the test during their lengthy field studies! We get to learn about "Hiccup" and "Athena" and what they have taught Mairi in her three years with Rogue Detection Teams, and the bond they have created.

So tune in to learn more about what this fantastic group is doing for shelter dogs, and the research and data collection they are performing for sensitive and endangered species of wildlife... as they are "Conservation Unleashed."

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