Episode 002: Eight must have items in your K9 minimalist med kit



You ask 5 people what to carry in your canine med kit and you are sure to get 5 different answers or variations.
And it gets really confusing, overwhelming, and down right stressful when you simply do not have the space or the weight to carry EVERYTHING and the kitchen sink!

You can stash a more extensive first aid kit at your house, or in the truck when you are car camping... or "overlanding" as the cool kids call it. But what about those backpacking or hiking trips? How do you cut down on the fluff and ensure that you have everything you will need?

So here we list the eight must have items for any canine medical kit when space and weight are of concern. To make the list each item had to meet certain criteria... so be sure to check it out.
...And be completely prepared when you want to carry everything but you logistically just can't.

Blog posts mentioned in the episode:
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Products mentioned:
flat duct tape 

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