Worry about your dog? Me too. Let's do something about it.

Raise your hand if you have EVER worried about your dog for ANY reason. I get you. I have been there.  If you are reading this right now, chances are that your worries surrounding your dog and his or her wellbeing can sometimes seem endless.

Now imagine yourself in a completely different mindset surrounding your dog’s well-being. Imagine eliminating or dramatically reducing the fears, stresses, and anxiety that come when we explore the outdoors with our dogs. Can you imagine how freeing that would be? Can you see and feel yourself being fearless in your explorations with your dog? Can you imagine the potential to have the absolute knowing and confidence that you can handle ANY situation?

You might be asking, yeah that sounds great but how on earth do I get there?

What happens when you become a master at a certain topic or field of study? Your confidence sky rockets in that area. Think of a situation or time in your life where you felt really confident. Why do you think you felt so confident? Its most likely because you had the knowledge and information necessary to handle the task at hand. Couple this with the ultimate knowing that you can handle the situation and the result is a fearless, competent, and capable version of yourself.

When we are confident, we worry less, and we fear less. Canine first aid mastery can result in the confidence needed to reach this outcome. This results in more freedom to explore more with our canine companions. YOU have the capability to be your dog’s hero. This I know and believe with all my heart.

I think most of us understand that learning canine first aid is important for many different reasons. Some reasons are more obvious than others, but have you ever really sat down and thought about it? Have you sat down and mulled over the benefits and the consequences of knowing vs not knowing canine first aid?

Maybe not. And that is perfectly okay – especially if you work in an industry that is not medically focused.

You obviously have some interest in canine first aid if you are here reading this post. So, let’s break down the topic of learning canine first aid further and discover why first aid education is so important. And not only the act of learning it, but the act of mastering it.


Ultimately, canine first aid mastery is important because it reduces the chance of an accident, it provides clarity in emergency situations, and it reduces your dog’s pain and suffering.


Let’s first talk first about accident reduction. Knowing canine first aid dramatically reduces the chances of a crisis happening in the first place. By now you know I am all about prevention. We hate seeing our dogs sick, scared, or in pain. So, lets help them avoid getting in to that situation in the first place. If you are well educated in canine first aid you are more likely to be aware of preventative measures and take action on them. It also increases awareness of your surroundings. This awareness of what is going on around you allows you to course correct as needed and is vital for accident prevention. Finally, knowing first aid and knowing what is normal for your dog enables you to be more proactive by taking note of minor or settle changes sooner, which allows you to act accordingly.  If you practice these principles you and your dog become less accident prone, and not only that but you will have clarity in your decision making should things go awry.


So, what if an accident does happen? Well, first aid education and mastery provide clarity in emergency situations. In emergencies seconds and minutes matter. So how do we know we are making the correct decisions and doing so in a timely manner? Stress can cloud judgement. A sound knowledge base gives you confidence and allows you to be calmer and clearer with your thoughts. As previously stated, when you master a topic or an idea you become confident in that subject matter. Making correct decisions quickly goes hand in hand with this confidence. Also, with first aid education comes practicing certain emergency protocols. When you have a practiced protocol in place your next steps in an emergency situation are quick and automatic. It becomes second nature, if you will. With these concepts you have clarity, and when you have clarity you ultimately improve your dog’s chances of a successful outcome in a crisis.  Which brings us to the next point of reducing pain and suffering.


First aid mastery will effectively reduce your dog’s pain and suffering. As with anything, there is a wrong way and a right way to do things. Now more than ever it is important to obtain your information from credible sources. Therefore, practicing up to date and correct first aid techniques will ensure you do no harm. Not only that, but when you implement these techniques correctly you speed up the recovery time- should your dog experience an injury or ailment. Finally, a question I get asked A LOT is: “how do I know how much first aid to perform, and when do I drop everything and run to a vet?” First aid mastery will answer this question for you. Because with a solid knowledge base and with experience these principles will come to you naturally. You will know what you can handle and when you need to high tail it to a veterinarian. When you fully understand and can implement these principles you will have a solid foundation and mastery in canine first aid.


What does this result in? It results in less stress, less worrying about your dog (which we can ALL relate to), and ultimately a transformation takes place. You are more confident and fearless in your explorations together. I think we all can agree that the freedom to explore with our dogs is one of our most blessed and sacred God given rights. Let’s crush the worries and fears and anxiety that surrounds these birth rights, so we can get out and explore more with our canine companions.


So, what should you do now? I have a plan for you.


Do you want guidance and direction and support on this canine first aid journey? I would be honored and humbled to help you through this process and transformation. We know that consistent reviewing and implementing new concepts is the best way to learn. So why not join a membership site that will help you do just that?


You have the ability to be your dog’s hero. This I know. Become the person your dog thinks you are. This membership site will get you there with weekly educational content through my guidance and community support. Not only will I be delivering highly valuable content to you, I will guide you through the process, bring in experts to go deep on certain topics, and provide a safe and supportive place where we can connect with like-minded individuals and learn from each other’s experiences.

My vision for this membership site is canine first aid mastery and community you can lean on and connect with.

Click the link below to sign up. For 72 hours ONLY, we will be accepting the founding members of the Wanderdog First Aid membership site and limited spots are available.


When enrollment re opens there will be a price increase. You will be grandfathered in at the founding member's price as long as you are in good standing.

And if you have any questions never hesitate to reach out via email or social.


Now get out and explore more with your canine companion!


Libbie Fort, DVM


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